This company supplies all types of aluminium sub-products and, using the most innovative technologies in fusion and refining that respect the environment, obtains the end product: second fusion aluminium ingots of various alloys. Its human resources team has over 30 years experience in the sector and its

aim has always been to improve management and production processes to guarantee sustainable business growth.
The current installations were inaugurated in 2001 and meant a great leap for the future development of the company.


Our quality policy is focused on being the vertebrate of our whole management system, which also covers our environmental policy within our integrated management system.

Customer satisfaction motivates us towards innovation and to set out a series of values and directives with the aim of improving our end product, as well as the service we offer.

Our quality system is guaranteed by the ISO 9001:2008. certificate of international norms.

Market evolution has led us to adapt our products from Spanish norms to the current European quality normative; EN 1706:1998-see annex-.

Latest generation analysis equipment allows us to set a very high standard of quality for all the products we supply to our clients, all within European norms.

Microanalysis certificate UNE-EN ISO 9001


Grupal Art, SL produces a wide range of aluminium alloys for casting according to the European norm UNE- EN 1706. We also produce special alloys that fulfil our client’s internal requirements for specific sectors such as the automotive, nautical industries, etc.…

The starting point is the use of aluminium sub-products as the raw material, carefully chosen and under strict controls accepted by suppliers to guarantee maximum end-product quality.

The product is supplied in packaged layers of 82 ingots, and the average weight is 8 Kg. per ingot, perfectly identified through standard, homologous labelling.

Most of the production equipment has been developed by our company through our continuous effort towards innovation, therefore giving us a competitive advantage in the sector.

The environmental policy of the company is based on the strategy of continuous improvement in the management and control of production processes that incorporate a system of licences subject to the integrated prevention and control of pollution, environmental audits, as well as the evaluation and effective accounting regarding the environment.

Implementing the directives of the European Union BREF programme means that our industrial activity will have the least possible impact on the environment.

Grupal Art is a member of the Register of Waste Managers set up by the Catalan Agency of Waste to enforce the fulfilment of environmental commitments.

A policy of labour risk prevention adapted to our environmental policy ensures the health and safety of our staff.

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Pol. Ind. El Perdellot
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PHONES:+34 93 844 51 87
                +34 93 843 78 29

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